As a part of our developments to improve the University’s performance on ERA and optimise our IT systems, we are releasing the new UD Repository.

All of the data has been migrated from EPrints.

Look in the list of Forms in Divinity Forms to see My Publications — a listing of your items in the repository.For instructions on adding and editing items please click the button at the top of this page. Research Co-ordinators will see in addition a College Publications listing.


How do I log into the repository?

You no longer need a separate ‘repository account’ any more. You log in HERE to Divinity Forms to manage your repository items.

When looking through the repository, I appear as multiple authors with different names

As a part of the migration process, all of the EPrints data was imported. This meant that where there were different forms and spellings of person’s name, they were imported as-is. Together we will work with you to combine your entries into a single profile over the coming months.

When editing an item, I get a warning about an ‘unknown journal name’

As old data was entered manually into EPrints, the Journal Name field for items contains a variety of forms for the same journal – for example, “St Mark’s Review” and “St Mark’s Review: a journal of Christian thought and opinion”. Only one variant is available on the selection box and you will be prompted to search for and select it.

What are Collection and Communities?

The new repository enables the University to house multiple digital collections that are a part of a number of communities. Two communities have been initially created. One is for the School of Graduate Research, with two collection of HDR student theses (Masters and Doctoral). The other contains University Academic Research output.