All Colleges of the University provide a number of key roles: Principal, Academic Dean, Registrar, Research Coordinator. Within this system, those with these roles have additional access to forms and reports.


Forms identified as Staff forms (or without any qualifier) are able to be submitted directly by the applicant. Forms flagged as Authority forms are submitted on behalf of an applicant by a person with an authorised role.

Information residing in the system is used across the University systems (Website, Paradigm, ARK, UMS) and is the basis for our Government reporting obligations. Therefore, on behalf of the employer, it is important that you keep the University up-to-date with changes to the staff you employ.

Form NameWho can do this?
Add New Staff and their AppointmentPrincipal, Academic Dean, Registrar, Research Co-ordinator or their delegate
Add New AppointmentPrincipal, Academic Dean, Registrar, Research Co-ordinator or their delegate


A number of reports and links are available to you that assist in seeing the information that is ‘on file’ as such.

The Workflow tasks link provides a listing of form submissions that require your input.

You can Lookup Staff to see a CV-like presentation of the information on an individual.

Under the Reports link, you can find College Staff Listing and a Teaching Staff Listing which give an overview of your College’s staffing.

Internal college processes

The system is set up to deal with the way(s) in which form-based information is submitted to the University.

We have not wanted to be prescriptive of internal college processes (given their potential varieties), but the system is designed to help with them.

Once a form is submitted, a read-only share link is included in the email, and in the review process. This share link can be copied and circulated to others, where appropriate, for consideration.

You can use this link (or print out the linked page) in your internal processes. If there is a query or further information is sought, the submission can be sent back (queried) and can be edited/updated by the submitter. Any updates will be reflected in the ‘share link’.

Once internally approved, the authorising person would log into the forms site and approve the submission. Here they can note or attach any internal information involved in the decision.

How might we handle a process with a conflict of interest ?

Where the person approving a submission is also the person submitting the application, we suggest that the submission is shared (as per above) with an alternate approver. Once approved, this approval information can be attached to the approval step and referred to later if required.